Sunday, March 23, 2008

office suite for usb disk or pen drives

Last time i had a small problem. The problem was, i wanted to open my downloaded excel file in a cyber cafe, where Microsoft Excel was not installed.

This was a big problem which will be faced by almost every one once in a while. In those situations, there is a small utility which helps us a lot. It is called Usb Office.

Usb Office suite consists of following utilities..

Database Creation - with CSVed
Data Encryption - with DScrypt
Email Client Software - with NPopUK
File Compression - with 100 Zipper
File Sharing - with HFS
File Transfer - with FTP Wanderer
Flowchart Creation - with EVE Vector Editor
MSN Messenger Client - with PixaMSN
Tree-Style Outliner Software - with Mempad
PDF Creation - with PDF Producer
Password Recovery - with XPass
Secure Deletion - with DSdel
Spreadsheet Creation - with Spread32
Text Editing - with TedNotepad
Word Processing - with Kpad
Program Launching - with Qsel

The size of the program is extremely small. It comes in just about 2.3mb compressed zip file.

You can download it at

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

anonymity unlimited!

It's increasingly becoming difficult to stay anonymous on the Net!

Almost every where you visit, you will be leaving your surfing tracks which can easily be used for tracking you down. Not just that, some of the websites even put some nasty codes which even monitor your complete surfing activities too!

The simple solution for this type of problem is to use proxy's. More specifically, to use web based proxy's which requires almost no need to change your computers any configurations.

For example using one of the free fast anonymous web proxy you can surf internet almost without any traces. By the way, you can find many more of the web proxy's at proxy list provider at


Thursday, December 27, 2007

network/internet bandwidth sharing

Bandwidth Manager is an excellent tool for shaing network bandwidth. I use a 256kpbs broad band connection which is shared among 6 different users including my self.

Generally, if any one or two users start some video/heavy net surfing, the entire network becomes slow and this frustates all other net users. Additionally, I get a monthly bandwidth of 1gb max and when i cross it, i need to pay extra.

If you are facing a similar situation, you can try Bandwidth manager which helps a lot. You can download it from Softperfect web site as a trial.

nice tool.